Enlarged Prostate: A Complex Problem

There are many treatments for enlarged prostates (BPH), but all have side effects and possible complications...We have a unique nutritional supplement that can help you  naturally without any side effects


The prostate is a gland that produces the fluid that carries sperm during ejaculation. The prostate gland surrounds the urethra, the tube through which urine passes out of the body.


The Prostate Is A Walnut Sized Gland That Is Part Of The Male Reproductive System.
The Prostate Is Located Beneath The Urinary Bladder And In Front Of The Rectum.
The Prostate Makes Some Of The Fluid That Nourishes And Protects Sperm Cells In The Semen. Just Behind The Prostate Are The Seminal Vesicles, Which Make Most Of The Fluid For The Semen.
The Urethra Is A Tube That Carries Urine And Semen Out Of The Body Through The Penis, Running Through The Prostate.
The Activity And Growth Of The Prostate Is Stimulated By Male Hormones Called Androgens.
The Main Androgen Is Testosterone, Produced By The Testicles.

Enlarged Prostate Symptoms and Causes

In men, urine flows from the bladder through the urethra. BPH is a benign (noncancerous) enlargement of the prostate that blocks the flow of urine through the urethra. The prostate cells gradually multiply, creating an enlargement that puts pressure on the urethra -- the "chute" through which urine and semen exit the body.
As the urethra narrows, the bladder has to contract more forcefully to push urine through the body.
Over time, the bladder muscle may gradually become stronger, thicker, and overly sensitive; it begins to contract even when it contains small amounts of urine, causing a need to urinate frequently. Eventually, the bladder muscle cannot overcome the effect of the narrowed urethra so urine remains in the bladder and it is not completely emptied.

Symptoms of enlarged prostate can include:
A weak or slow urinary stream
A feeling of incomplete bladder emptying
Difficulty starting urination
Frequent urination
Urgency to urinate
Getting up frequently at night to urinate
A urinary stream that starts and stops
Straining to urinate
Continued dribbling of urine
Returning to urinate again minutes after finishing

    When the bladder does not empty completely, you become at risk for developing urinary tract infections. Other serious problems can also develop over time, including bladder stones, blood in the urineincontinence, and acute urinary retention (an inability to urinate). A sudden and complete inability to urinate is a medical emergency; you should see your doctor immediately. In rare cases, bladder and/or kidney damage can develop from BPH.

    "Today the prostate health is an issue that is giving all men sleepless nights... cancer, enlargement, disorders are all terms that make their hearts to miss their beats. Problems that are gradually depleting their population"
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    Other Advantages of VITAL 5

    Loaded with abundant antioxidants that help to combat those menacing free radical.
    As you can see, once you're above 30yrs, start to cater for your prostate by taking
    positive advantage of the benefits of natural herbs, vitamins and minerals found VITAL 5 

    An effective Blend of
    Potent Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals
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    As you can see, Vitolize for Men addresses the specific nutritional needs of men by resuscitating their hormone-producing glands to resume production at optimum levels...
    Not only that, it also stimulates their testicles to increase the production of testosterone another a powerful male hormone that beefs up their energy level and increases their demand for sex.
    Remember that once you attain 30yrs, your testosterone production start to decrease which in turn lessens your stamina and your sexual urge ... raising the chances of obesity and other dangerous maladies.
    For example, ailments associated with the deficiency of male hormone such as ...

    • Prostate Enlargement
    • Higher risk of diabetes
    • Higher risk of cardiovascular disease
    • Decreased bone density
    • Higher risk of cardiovascular disease
    • Frequent or difficult urination
    • Impotence or loss of sex drive
    • Depression or mood swings 

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