A plant that was planted by Our GOD him self (Num 24:6) Aloe is uniquely called a miracle plant or miracle healer.Aloe solves health problems and it is so accepted all over the world.it is a food and a medicine with well over 75 nutritional elements which include amino-acids,minerals,and vitamins.There are over 300 species of Aloe vera,but the best of the is called Barbadensis(True Aloe) which my wonderful Company have been exploited and formulated into various Nutritional Drinks,Nutritional supplement,personal care ,beauty care etc. This are our powerful world number one organic Aloe Drinks Aloe  Gel,Aloe  Nectar,and Aloe Freedom.

Aloe Gel : Aloe gel is the raw gel from the leaf.it has over seventh-five nutritents such as amino acids,minerals,vitamins,is adaptogenic in nature therfore individuals got different benefits depending on the peculiar needs of the individual

Aloe Vera Benefits

šŸ˜Ž It is a complete food that meets almost all body nutritional requirements
šŸ˜Ž It supports the immune system.
šŸ˜Ž It increases blood flow to vital orgams thus help in revitalization and restoration
 of damaged organs.
šŸ˜Ž Is an anti-oxidant,help to remove free radicals in our body.
šŸ˜Ž Is an anti -bacterial.
šŸ˜Ž It help to stop itching,burning sensation,irritations and other strange reactions.
šŸ˜Ž Is good for Ulcer,Stroke,HBP,Diabetes,Malarial,Indigestion,Heart Burn,Fibroid,Infertility etc
šŸ˜Ž It is good for gastro-intestinal disorders such as;diarrhea,constipation,gastritis'ulcer'etc
šŸ˜Ž It generally promotes good health,increased sense of well-being and long life.
šŸ˜Ž Is recommended for both healthy,the sick and convalescent

Aloe Nectar contains all ingredients of aloe gel plus cranberry and Apple which also provide vitamins A and C. Apple juice provides the sweet taste
The cranberry provides a very powerful antoxidant called pycnogenol.

 Benefits of Aloe Nectar

šŸ˜Ž is very good for reproductive tracks

šŸ˜Ž good for sexual dysfunctions in men and women
šŸ˜Ž It is very good for urinary track infections that affect the kidney,urinary bladder,urethra in both men and women
šŸ˜Ž Good for all cases of menstrual disorders
šŸ˜Ž Good for infertility in men and women 

Aloe Freedom : Aloe Freedom is a unique formula that fortifies the body defence system against joint deterioration.
It contains Glucosamine,Chondroitin,MSM(methyi sulfonyi methane) and vitamin C Note these are powerful ingredients that help to nourish and maintain healthy joint cartilages and connective tissues
Is number one product for arthritis,bone and joint problems.

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