Sexual weakness is very common now that 6 out of every 10 men will be interested in any safe medication that can help improve his performance. They also find it difficult and embarrassing to talk about their sexual health problems to health experts or even trusted friends when it comes to problems such as premature ejaculation.

Premature ejaculation usually refers to instances where a man is not able to hold semen for longer time or penetrate for longer before releasing his semen. Some men ejaculate within the first 2 mins which is a severe headache for most relationship. Whenever such a thing happens the woman is not able to reach her orgasm during sexual intercourse, which in turn diminishes her sexual pleasure and lowers the confidence she has in a man. The man on the other hand also doesn't know where to put his face after that quick release and one can imagine the look on a man's face after such a shame or embarrassment and how bad u'll look to your partner. 

Major Factors That Usually Amount To Such Occurrences Include ;

📍  Alcoholism
📍  Smoking
📍  Masturbation
📍  Stress
📍  Hormonal Imbalance
📍  Wrong Nutrition And Diets
📍  Sugary Products, Diabetes, Excess Fat And Cholesterol
📍  Chemicals In Food
📍  Side Effects From Drugs

Premature ejaculation is really annoying and embarrassing to any man , after arousing your partners desire for sexual  intimacy and you are not able to satisfy her. The worst of all is after the first premature release , getting another stronger erections for the second round takes hours or  even the next day which is very annoying. You really don't know the right words to use to comfort her and even call later. 
YOU NEED TO BE A MAN, and all you need is 

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